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Are there any resources on how to better identify wines in a blind tasting?

I go for my sommelier diploma, but I dont really have the resources for the taste of wine after wine. I found 3 out of 4 in my last test, but was lucky. The next test is 22 wines. I am looking for common descriptors and characteristics of wines from different regions and grapes in general. I can not find any book about her.

Google "Certified Wine Educator." There is also a lesser degree. Do not remember the name but you will see on the page. It is an online course but it gives a true "title" of your resume vitae. We do not know much more about it, but the website says about it. Depending on where you are, go to the wineries. You can taste their wines for a reasonable price and standing around a slow day and pump them with questions. If it's a good cellar, tasting room staff will be very well informed. Talk to the distributors sell wine to your restaurant. They often can help. If wineries send representatives to the restaurant to taste through their wines or wine dinners, pump them full of questions. I really want to grow young people who will run the restaurants and the decision making of wine in 10 or 15 years. The wine business is about relationships. I can not stress this enough. Red Red Red Tabernas Many good tasting events scheduled for a reasonable price. Ask your dealer about them. Good dealers often these tastings in bars to talk to them. Good dealers often have Master Sommeliers of its staff whose only job is teaching and training people. Glaser (or Glazier not sure how to spell) in Texas (which are in many states) have a man in Dallas under the name of …….. and I will not use names here, but …. MS and is a joint work is seen all over the country and teaching. As a matter of fact, one thing you could do is take a couple of years away restaurants and work for a distributor. Your task will take around wine shops and restaurants and taste of the buyers through the wines. Good Luck ….. am breath ..

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