winemaking equipment

By · Tuesday, July 7th, 2009

winemaking equipment
Can you use isopropyl alcohol to sanitize winemaking equipment and cidermaking?

And disinfect the equipment, but sometimes a sterile item touch something that has not been cleaned. In this case, it is useful to hit with something from a spray bottle instead of sending it through the consolidation of new everything. If not, is the vodka an acceptable? Thank you very much choice!

I would not use alcohol or vodka isoprpyl. Some of the best disinfectants and cleaning products are B-Brite-cleaner / disinfectant that eliminates waste from the fermentation-BTF Iodophor-a good disinfectant that does not corrode stainless steel Campden Tablets, inhibits bacteria and harmful fungi. It contains sulfites that some people are allergic to the embargo. chlorine / bleach to disinfect household very effective CL-9-1 chlorine-based disinfectant sanitizer focused on the form of granules One Step "non-toxic, environment-friendly disinfectant potassium-metabisulphate antibacterial agent that causes the bacteria / fungi inhibiting sulphor gas. Soda Ash-product used to sweeten wine in new oak barrels.

Winemaking Equipment : Bottling Wine With Bucket

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