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By · Sunday, December 14th, 2008

wine merchants
What is the best wine of Lebanon?

Although you can not think of Lebanon as a well-known wine region and especially Lebanon is one of the oldest, if not the oldest wine producing regions of the world. Majesric famous for its cedars and mountains, Lebanon, the blessed land Canaan surrounded by snow, has been a center of wine making since the dawn of time. fertile soil in Lebanon were so famous for its wines antiquity and were considered highly in Greece, Anatolia and especially in Israel, which has maintained close trade relations with the Phoenicians. Phoenician traders sent rich Lebanese sweet wine amphorae to the four corners of the Mediterranean to be drunk by the rich citizens of Athens, Carthage and Rome. Lebanon therefore propagation register of viticulture, through their ancestors Phoenicians in the Mediterranean, along with the color purple and the alphabet. But what is the best wine of Lebanon?

For me the best are those of the Zahle region: Ksara I have recommended to a friend about two months ago, but was more interested in the cheese area. Is you read my response ……???

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