wine making supply

By · Tuesday, January 13th, 2009

wine making supply
What should I do about the yeast in my wine / mead?

For now siphon, about 3 times, and try not to get the sediment on each occasion. there is always a sediment left. Is it OK to drink as long as I do not drink all the sediments? Usually leave about a liquid from 1 cm to 2 cm at the bottom. How serious would be to drink only the sediment mixed with all the booze? Btw my wine never comes to search, it is clear that wrong? You may be able to answer some of these questions with an answer, sorry, but I had to ask each one individually to know I'm using honey, water, yeast Montrachet. Segura, and a 5 gallon container-3 from my job to do. That is literally all my supplies, except for clear hose I bought from lows used as a siphon.

While the sediment taste is not bad either. Having said that with your mead and wine must have a number of filtration systems that can remove all the yeast and sediment and erase your wine and mead lot.

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