wine making supplies

By · Sunday, November 15th, 2009

wine making supplies
How to make a cheap wine fermenter?

I'm wanting to build a home wine fermenter. I do not want to buy the $ 70-150 kits they sell. Also I've already seen the list of about 100 pages where I need to make materials, but also have seen the pages where you can use household items make wine. I'm wanting to put together a kit that will taste quality, but need not be large. If anyone knows where I can find information or information would be very appreciated. Thank you.

Start with the yellow pages and look up "Beer and Winemaking Supplies." Ask what it costs for a 'bottle' (A water bottle 5 gallon), and an airlock. Should be around $ 20. This and grape juice are the minimum you need. From there, you might get kit wine, fresh "must buy" (crushed grapes and fresh juice), yeast and acid mixture. The hardware is the beginning of significant cost, after which belongs and only have to buy the ingredients. Bearing in mind that you will be making two or three boxes of wine worth up to $ 60/case, is a pretty good deal more. of the include cylinder kits, disinfectant, cleaning brushes and other essentials to make it easier for you. Some even include the bottles, corks and insertion Cork.

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