wine making at home

By · Saturday, December 13th, 2008

wine making at home
when he came to do at home or anywhere I guess, is it necessary to unleash the first and secondary fermentation?

thinking about some small batches of peach or cherry wine at home to have the experience, the guides I've seen online have been vague about the first ventilation fermentation or not … Does this mean you do not vent the first?

Do you men of ventilation, like an air bag? Yes, it is necessary to do in both. In the primary fermentation is trying to grow the yeast culture. He created the foam and spends most of its energy in the making. What then becomes to anaerobic fermentation and puts more energy into the creation of alcohol. At the time that support secondary education should be well along your way anaerobic fermentation. The fermentation of sugar creates two molecules of CO2 for every molecule of alcohol. Unless you want to make a bomb to maintain a stock air in it.

Steven Fulkerson on Winemaking Part 1

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