wine making

By · Thursday, July 16th, 2009

wine making
Wine making?

I am interested in making my own wine, but have no idea where to start. I looking for what supplies need to start and All useful links to good info

If you do the grapes, it faces many obstacles. You will need to find a source of grapes, and not is easy. Most of the vineyards around the harvest commitment to the wineries. Then you need a shredder, and are not cheap. If a store Wine in your area, you can rent them. You will also need a source of yeast primary fermentation tanks, a press, barrels Oak, a cool place with a stable temperature to store wine as it ferments. The list goes on. You're best bet is to buy a wine kit that includes grape concentrate and all the equipment you need. Here are the results of a search in the winemaking. Http: / / / search? P = wine + making + kit & fr = YFP-t-501-s & toggle = 1 & cop = mss & ei = UTF-8

Winery – Wine – Making Wine in Colorado

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