wine kits

By · Monday, March 16th, 2009

wine kits
I like to make my own beer / wine – Where I can get kits to do this ?…?

Is there a place in the United Kingdom sell these items? Xxx

Check out local home workshops. They may be in the yellow pages, or you could find some in under the Directory have the option of looking at homebrew shops in the state. These would be those with a wide range of beer ingredients, but the boxes are similar to wine and beer (wine tends to use glass, beer can be plastic or glass, plastic for convenience). If there is nothing around, and this would a fairly common event in the center of the country, especially where craft beer is less popular, then you have to use the Internet. I like to start somewhere starter kits if they run about $ 90 – $ 110. If you go with the wine, you will need a cork press. Beer kits tend to include a capper. And, of course, if you have enough spare bottles going to be fine for use. My only advice is that you should pay attention to sanitation. Nothing can ruin a batch of beer or wine faster than a bad piece of equipment disinfected. Anything that comes in contact with the liquid must be disinfected, regardless of the time it comes in contact or how big it is. Good luck, it is a rewarding and fascinating hobby. Besides, who does not want wine for $ 2 a bottle or a beer, quality for 40c?

Part 2 – Assay Format for the Megazyme Wine Kits

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