wine bottling

By · Wednesday, July 22nd, 2009

wine bottling
How many wine bottles can be carried in a major European truck?

I am a college student, with a stroke of Bag-In-Box vs. bottles. Transportation weighs heavily but have been unable to find one credible source for the quantity of 750 ml bottles of wine that can be placed on a trailer truck! Please give some advice, and if you have a response please reference the source Oh, and if they happen to know how many bag-in-fit into a trailer Boxes large trucks that are too large! / / Chris

um have no idea …….. u can fit 26 pallets 4'x4 'to b 7' high + in a trailer 18 wheeler 53'…… what I will say a lot of good … .. in that it could fit more than i think u bag in boxes ….. But Since U box or drawer would bottles or could do in a way that took on the same space bag in box ….. honestly never heard of a fully loaded truck of any ……. .. just not much demand for a specific wine in a time ……. indeed bottle shape and size play a big difference because there are thousands of sizes of bottles 750ml still keep i say if u wanted the most amount of space for transporting wine a tanker truck b better …. and then the bottle / Bag-box is your destiny … Why do u ask this question?? I think ur premise is wrong ….

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