sweet wine making

By · Monday, November 24th, 2008

sweet wine making
a good semi sweet red wine?

I'll make a red wine and would like some recommendations. N dry or very dry, please. something sweeter.

So far the above are very dry red (severe mentioned, I think.) You are brave to try to make a wine, I myself have made the beer, but came not addressed. For more sweet (the term outside the preferred dry before) to go with a beajolais or lambrusco grapes. If you use the zinfandel grape can also make a more sweet by stopping the fermentation with a higher brix. Also, any red stop will be affected by botrytis sweet raisiny quality, or just let it sit in the vine until they begin to spend … as a fence. Also experiment with the freezing of the grapes before pressing them.

Wine Making – Storing and Fermenting Wine

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