merlot wine making

By · Monday, January 25th, 2010

merlot wine making
What wine is good for a 15 year old who doesn't have a "cheap" taste?! Available in Asia. Apart from Merlot.?

I have an appointment and I want to show something new. The two do not like being "Stingy" taste that makes the tongue has a burning sensation. We like a light wine that may swish in mouth for a long time without "burning" as well as having a small percentage of alcohol (I respect and do not want either of them drunk) … Any ideas? Available in the Philippines and costs about $ 20-40 (2000 PHPesos) … We have suffered Merlot, but we want something new. I like wine, it's just not I like that kind of tastes. There has to be red. It can be anything really.

All this sounds ridiculous, if you do not like the wine do not spend that much money, not all have the same taste merlots, if you feel the need to have something to prove something unoaked, which could be the flavor you're talking about, or white one.

SoGood.TV: Tasting North Fork Merlot, Sauvignon Blanc Wines

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