making great wine

By · Wednesday, August 19th, 2009

making great wine
What causes wine glasses to make noise?

I have to do a science project on how and why wine glasses that iNOS. Any information is great!

That noise you mean? The sound of an empty glass, the tone of rubbing a finger around a wet edge, or the lovely sound when you tell Mom you're getting married when she takes a tray of glasses into the dining room? The sound is produced due to the glass evenly enough to have a characteristic tone. This is the same principle as a bell: the modes of vibration of the circular, uniform cross section provided the same tone on all sides. These reinforce a clear tone. Note that certain types of campaign are actually capable of producing two or three different shades, depending on the area where the strike. There was an article on this Sciama five years ago. The tone that you rub your finger around the rim is the same principle. When you move your finger, the tip slips and catches moisture again very quickly, producing a sequence of small strikes along the border. Those consistent with the resonant frequency of the crystal to enhance and maintain the tone, soften others to nothing very quickly.

Harlan: Making Great Cabs | Wine Spectator

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