make your own wine

By · Friday, December 25th, 2009

make your own wine
Sushi question: Do your own, what are the good things to add to it? Also, anyone know how to make spicy mayonnaise?

I stay away sashimi … and I can not guarantee that fish you buy is fresh enough … I usually use cooked shrimp, a little avocado, sometimes marinated cucumbers in rice wine vinegar … Anyone have any other suggestions? Or anyone know how to make spicy Mayo sushi restaurants use in their "spicy tuna rolls?

For the salsa, do not use Tabasco! Tabasco has too much vinegar to taste better, instead mix the mayonnaise with a spicy Chile, like Huy Fong Sriracha Hot Salsa de Chile: (The sushi bar at the restaurant I worked on using this.) In the case of Kim-bap, do not use dogs hot (sorry, I think that is gross). My mom Kim-bap: pickled daikon radish + (the Japanese use this also in futomaki rolls) + carrot julienne and cook lightly oil and salt until tender and wilted spinach +: a brief drop in boiling water (do not overcook), then marinate with sesame oil, salt and minced garlic egg +: cook like an omelet and cut into long thin strips Optional imitation crab meat or lean ground beef (cooked soy sauce) for the Korean version, the taste of rice with sesame oil and sesame seeds instead of vinegar (in Japanese). Remember to cut the flavor rice to avoid sticky rice mashing together. Although you can do without the pickled daikon radish, I think it adds a crucial flavor. If you can find Use unagi (eel) which is cooked. Or the shrimp, you can fry and make tempura shrimp. Be creative. A very creative cook who knew how to use the couscous, chives and other ingredients, I can not remember, wrapped in seaweed. Although initially cautious, that was surprisingly tasty.

How to make wine from household items

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