make homemade wine

By · Wednesday, October 8th, 2008

make homemade wine
How to make wine at home without a basic kit?

My uncle did when I was a kid with a big pickle jar. Any idea how to do it?

I used to do this in high school. Not very good taste, but it works. Before you begin, you need to get a ball and put 5-10 holes in it with a needle. Then get a bottle of 100% grape juice and add a pre-measured packet of yeast. Next, place the lid and shake a bit to get it right mixed. Then remove the lid and place the ball at the top of the bottle. You leave it sit in a cool, dark place (like a closet) for about 2-3 weeks. The balloon is filled with air, and you know you do when deflated. The point is to get pricked balloon excess gases created withou the fermentation Duing alllowing in. Oxygen Oxygen to know vinegar. When you are done, it is likely that if the voltage across a coffee filter to get the stool (Yeast bodies lol) out of it. However, I do not know well drained. Good luck!

How to Make Homemade Fruit Wine : Watching & Topping Homemade Wine

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