italian wine

By · Sunday, November 8th, 2009

italian wine
what is a good Italian red wine? with a good price?

I need to buy enough wine for 11 people tonight .. im not sure what buy? Does anyone know a good red wine? I know a couple, but I want something I havnt tried … i dont drink many red wines this so please help!

First, you'll need at least 3 bottles of it. Secondly, you do not say what a "good price" is. $ 50 for a 2000 Barolo is Boroli a great view of quality. If the "good price" is less than $ 20, looking Maryhill Sangiovese Reserve. If a 'good price' is less than $ 50, look for red table wine Fontalloro. In addition, many 2000 Barbaresco and Barolo can fall in this price range – that is the best year for wine (01 but very well too) If a good price is less $ 75, look for 2000 Borolo Baroli. A great wine at that price. If you can not fine these in your local wine shop or supermarket, talk to the person who tries to help you decide. Tell them what you serve and what is your price range is and that can help peers to something big. Good luck and have a great holiday!

What sort of Italian wine should you serve w/Italian food?

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