home wine making

By · Friday, July 24th, 2009

home wine making
home wine making?

I love wine so much that I would like to start making my own wine, ive no idea where to start or equipment need? i obviously need to grow grapes and need to press them and keep them at the right temperature. Where I can buy all the equipment? Thanks loads!

I grew up making wine. We mix of California and Niagra grapes. We used a grinder to remove the stems and a press wratchet. Oak barrels fermentation is used and then re-caps for storage. Dirty work for two or three weeks each year. The quality is usually very good and this was the wine house for an entire year. Now I use wine kits or go to a DIY store to make. I keep three or four different types in stock. I make five gallons at a time and the quality is always excellent. There is no mess, no hassle and not have to come with lots of cash every autumn. I recommend starting small and decide how much commitment you want to put it before investing in equipment and do nothing. Even many Italians and Portuguese have swich over juice in a bucket for your convenience and guaranteed results.

How to Make Wine at home – wine making video – mark & andrew

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