grape wine making

By · Sunday, May 24th, 2009

grape wine making
Does anyone know an alternative for tannin / tannin grape wine making?

Can anyone help? we will have our first experiment of wine production and sad to say that my recipe for making grape wine include tannins or tannin that is not available in our place. (Wine-making is not well known in our place) Now some say that raisins can be alternatives tannin. How true is this? Summary of question: 1.) alternative for grape tannin or tannin in the wine-making 2.) pass is a good alternative for tannins thanks guys!

if you do not mind waiting a few days you can ask all you need. here is a link to a powder tannins'm not trying to advertise this website, but share with you all. I used this place for a few years now and know they are big.

Wine Making – Turning Grapes into Juice

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