fruit wine making

By · Saturday, January 17th, 2009

fruit wine making
With the exception of grapes, what is the best fruit to make wine?

Some people define the wine and grape juice Firment, never again grapes thing … for thoes of you who feel this way, do not bother to answer … Some people think that wine can be anything at all because (a unless of course) … Mead is any type of wine made with honey, but, traditionally, is made only with honey … but you can make a fruit mead … Reasons? Elaboration Wine is one of my hobbies … but I like grapes … and I'm curious to know what people like me … immagine a blueberry mead with spices would be amazing thanks … Comments, suggestions, ideas, recipes and anything else you want to send. Other Notes: I allergec strawberry and refuse to use metabisulfite. Wine can be do anything … virtualy theoreticaly, you could make wine from grass clippings, I doubt you want to drink, but you can do … What most want suggestions and ideas.

Wine can be made of blueberries, apples, peaches, logenberry, dandilions, cherry, raspberry, strawberry, almost any fruit can be used.

How To Make Wine: The Typical Ingredients Explained

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