easy wine making

By · Thursday, March 4th, 2010

easy wine making
homebrew winemaking at home? experts? easy 10 points need help?

i made wine grape 3litre 2 cup grape juice sugar water and yeast liters of champagne and a bubble of air was the 3 days his lighter at the top and make a kind of whistling that can be moved?? Is there something I need to do? ? What type of hot or cold temperatures?? any help is greatly appreciated

The only time I heard a noise wheezing is whether the cap on the air bag was not made properly and was leaking gas. For the rest of the questions 1) yes you can move, in fact if it is to separate shock can help 2) Push the cap plus 3) Just above room temperature is best to start fermentation, cabinet air is good

Part 1 – Airlock blowouts and simple wine making

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