beer making supplies

By · Friday, February 19th, 2010

beer making supplies
Question about beer fermentation chamber (fermenter)?

Im thinking of making my first batch of beer within a week so I'm getting all my supplies ready, improve planning to make 5 gallons of beer So I was wondering if I should get a 5 gallon glass bottle or jug 6 gallon glass (i want to use a glass carboy, i just dont kno if negative leave too much or too little airspace in the bottle) … Is it bad to have too open space in the bottle (possibly due to air infect your lot) or is it bad to have too little airspace in the bottle so there is no place for the bubbles to go and bang, it ur broken bottle?? im not sure but please let me know as soon as possible because I really want to move forward.

For the primary fermentation, it is best go with a glass bottle for 6 or 6.5 gallons. That will give plenty of air space for the initial fermentation, and if the fermentation is violent enough, sometimes that is hardly enough to use a blow off tube. A large diameter pipe that fits snug just inside the mouth of the bottle is great for a coup outside the tube. The extra air space will not add any problems to the beer, because oxygen only eaten by yeast during the initial growth phase, and quickly be displaced by CO2. If you plan on doing the second fermentation, then 5 a gallon will work well from everything that has been established then.

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