beer and wine making

By · Wednesday, August 6th, 2008

beer and wine making
Is it easier to brew beer or make wine?

I started reading about beer making and had more steps than I thought. Lol 5paid2 dj .. my boyfriend told me about that, but I do not know if that qualifies as wine

Quick Response – Without going into too much detail … The beer is a little more time to create before fermentation can begin. Making wine and beer, require care and sanitation, but the wine need not be cooked. Ingredients wine (usually grape juice, etc) are placed in a fermentation vessel with yeast and fermented into wine. beer ingredients (usually malted barley / Grain, hops and water, etc) must be boiled for a period of time and depending on what type of brewing you are doing, sometimes you have to be kept at a specified temperature for a period of time. Then the beer must be cooled to the proper temperature yeast be added to the ferment originally cooked in beer. wine need not be boiled. So, simply speaking, wine would be easier and less time to actually created to do, because they need not be cooked. However, after the fermentation process is complete, the aging process begins and some wines, age periods very long time, but, again, so can a few beers. Hope that helps.

Advanced Wine Making II – How to use a hydrometer

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