Wort Chiller

By · Wednesday, February 27th, 2008

Wort Chiller
What do we need to prepare our beer?

My friends and I are going to start brewing our own beer and have been making a list of things we will need. this is what the list so far ….. Carboy, propane stove, stainless steel pot, mash cooler, air bag, bottles, caps, thermometer, iodine, siphon tubes, cleaning brushes. If you have any suggestions or see something missing or crutial that we can ignore for now please let me know.

Getting Started http://www.geocities.com/brewthis1/ http://www.geocities.com/brewthis1/ Iodine is a great choice as a disinfectant. Bleach is too risky for the taste of the beer. All equipment must be cleaned well. Just disinfect [the whole team] in the cold side of the brewery. That means any team from the grass of cooler / heat exchanger on. Most books brewing these days are great. The use and cross reference material source many. This confirms a common practice and detail parts for a more complete understanding of the topic. Keep brewing. Not all beers will be good and only a few will be large. It takes a great effort to control the parameters to make and play a great homebrew. So, "Relax, do not worry Have a homebrew. "

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