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By · Friday, December 4th, 2009

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How to become fruit sugar liquor?

Regards I just started brewing as a hobby and have read several reecipes saying to put sugar in different fruits to make alcohol. I wonder if that is true, and also how it works? Also how determines the strength or power of the alcohol?

Well, sugar actually does not do the trick … the leaven. yeast, an organism actually eat sugars 2 things fermentable and produces as by-products: 1 CO2 2) Alcohol) Depending on where the fruit is using wine (just picked from the vine or tree, preserved, etc.) may or may not wild yeast on it and if it is raw fresh fruits, have wild yeast on it. Although wild yeasts can produce good and bad flavors (Usually unpleasant and bad), it is also difficult to control unless actually introduce specific yeast only need that much, I would keep them away from wild yeasts if possible. There are different ways to determine the degree of alcohol. Probably the easiest and least expensive way is to use a hydrometer … Without going into too much detail here … basically measue specific weight of fluid before adding the yeast in a floating hydrometer of fluid and, later, take a fresh sample of liquid when the fermentation is carried out once again floating the hydrometer. No an estimate of the differences in the readings of the hydrometer 2 gives basic alcohol content Hope that helps!

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