Stock Pot

By · Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

Stock Pot
Enameled cast iron is good for a pot of soup?

A long time ago, I bought 8, 12, and 16 quarts in size, both large stainless steel pots … And … Enameled Cast Iron. No, I'm not a professional chef, I just found a lot, so I bought both. I mainly used the enameled cast iron, especially for the oven and stainless steel is used for soups. But what I wonder is how it would work iron enameled cast in a pan or a pot of soup? I'm thinking rather than on reducing steel and cast iron retaining only because it is narrow and could use the space, but if it works well, then I will keep everyone. Thanks for any advice. To clarify, I have 6 pots. Three stainless steel, enameled cast iron, three. They are duplicates sizes, 8 qt, qt 12 and 16 quarts.

justwondering Hiya! Keep all you have, we can all do each others jobs. You can others get rid of your partner, you may get rid of a cold, can get rid of a headache, toothache, pain in the A_S you can get rid of a lot of things, but never, never means getting rid of all the wear cooking, will shelter the rest of his life, considering that someone who knows after 50 years, more Hopefully the kitchen still had all those old pots and pans while I was free of new things …… oh what a fool …. 100 years of Dutch black cast iron oven with a patina as old as bread is … talking stick. No, save your extra things where you can access them. Good luck and do not.

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