Pellet Hops

By · Sunday, August 17th, 2008

Pellet Hops

Cybergun MAS P5-A4 Electric Gun â € "The best choice for backyard Skirmish

MAS P5-A4 AEG is the latest addition to the series Pro Player airsoft guns. It is an officially licensed replica of the MAS P5-A4 submachine gun, which is branded by Cybergun MAS.

AEG refers to automatic electric guns, first developed in Japan. These weapons generally use a rechargeable battery to operate the electric motor on the inside. The MAS Cybergun P5-A4 AEG uses a 8.4 volt 1100 mAh capacity Ni-MH, to run the engine that drives a series of gears, which are mounted inside a metal gearbox. The gears then compress the piston against the spring. As soon as the piston is released the spring pushes forward through the sp is a marble cylinder Thrust into the camera and then to the mouth of the canyon through a long canyon.

MAS P5-A4 of the tablet press at a speed of 340 feet per second. You can achieve high precision by applying more effects to the pellets of the adjustable hop-up. The abrupt shift compensation resistance air and gravity, which increases its vertical accuracy. There are four positions in which you can adjust for windage and elevation up to help you aim well.

This full-/semi-automatic Cybergun MAS P5-A4 AEG is a great choice for backyard skirmishes and the objectives of fun. You may be in continuous action and concentrate on hitting the targets, because it uses 200 rounds magazine. No wonder they are the most popular and widely used firearms.

These .24 caliber of Electric airsoft guns have a metal or ABS plastic construction, making them strong and durable. These weapons only weighs 10.50 pounds. If you want to be a good shot and they want to teach their children to shoot, I suggest you go for the Cybergun MAS P5-A4 AEG. If you are wondering where to get one of these electric airsoft guns, you donâ € ™ t have to go far. Sportsmanâ € ™ s Depot offers Cybergun MAS P5-A4 AEG for $ 147.25.

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