Making Labels

By · Thursday, January 28th, 2010

Making Labels
What is the best brand label maker for making labels to stick on keys?

I need to find a label maker printing quality labels and tape and sticker it plastered on the keys. Anyone with suggestions on the make, model or type of label maker?

I think the name of the manufacturer of the label I think is called "Dynamo." It is a hard plastic wheel that makes the markers a sticky material on the back that would stick to the keys. You just cut to size, and peel off the backing and stick on any surface you need to. The material of the label comes in several colors, and you actually print in white letters what you mean. All this is done on the machine. The alphabet is at the wheel and you turn to the letter you need. I do not know if such a device even more. But it worked very well and was expensive to buy. You might try Office Depot or a store type business to buy. Also try a search on Google for "label device maker."

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