Hop Pellets

By · Saturday, August 23rd, 2008

Hop Pellets
How long pedigree chicken live?

I have a pedigree chicken age (a German breed called Sperber Blau). I think now is about 10. It is still fit and healthy, although she never laid eggs many, and still produces a little strange from time to time. I have six chickens in all, but no rooster. The others are a motley group of rescued birds of the battery, abuse and young people from two points of the laity hybrids. They have access to a half acre garden to share with my two older rescued sheep, but have learned through fencing hop and parade around the whole farm. I feed mixed corn, shells oysters and pellets layers, and they pick up everything else out. Not everyone would say that "until the ring from his neck", or something like that. My birds are pets and not kept the animals commercially. Just get out of here when they have to be killed or die a natural death!

Chickens make good pets, right? I have five myself. 🙂 Chickens usually live 12.7 years, with 10 being average. However, I have heard of some who live close to twenty years. Maybe your bird will be a booth still doing so well. Best wishes!

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