Home Brewing

By · Thursday, May 29th, 2008

Home Brewing
brewing at home?

I am interested in making beer at home. I prefer dark (Guinness, black and tan) beers. Does anyone know of a starter kit that I can buy for this?

It is hard work and skill required, but can be mastered with relative ease. I recommend buy a kit like the cheap beer, please forgive me for saying this, that Walmart sells. If you like and think you can enjoy it in the long run to take the advice posters earlier and visit your local brewing. If you do not have a local store searching the internet for a good shop. You'll pay more for all things you need, but will also be a great source of information. When you get used to the process and no longer need his help, then you can search the Internet and buy premium beer yeast, sugar and hops at better prices. If you like the beer quality and science behind its creation, processing of beer is home to a very rewarding hobby. GOOD LUCK. ps Guinness Rules!

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