Beer Making

By · Wednesday, February 4th, 2009

Beer Making
What is the Starter kit making better beer?

I would like my boyfriend a beer making kit to start your B-day. Does anyone have any suggestions about what is good? I'm looking to spend between $ 100 – $ 150. He, like the API so I want one that makes a good beer hops. Thanks for your responses. Beer Consortium "That was great information that I live in MD and was able to locate a supply store home brewing. I will go there and get everything I need. Thank you!

Dear Brewster, Find a local home brewing and wine supply store near you. No no good reason to pay for shipping when you can get it locally. The team needs you must include not just the ingredients for an IPA, this is easy to achieve, but also covers a capper, hoses and fermentation tanks. You can get plastic fermentation tanks, but a glass bottle is much better. You may also do well to also getting a book on brewing. Many websites are easily found in developing of beer with only search term. In any case, beware of the $ $ for the first-just in case he is not addicted to the idea. You / He can always add more later to expand its home brewer. good beer and good times, have fun. Since I do not know you use this locator Shop by the American Association of homebrewers. I am sure that the UK and other nations have similar tools online locator. Some examples of ideas Australia New Zealand Http:// UK U.S.? cPath = 1_111

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