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By · Friday, January 2nd, 2009

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Brewing a beer low in calories: Home Brew Tips

In recent times low-calorie beer has received much attention. The main reason is that people are trying to be healthier but do not want to stop drinking beer. Beers which are low in calories usually have fewer calories and give up a little flavor. In developing its own low-calorie beer, can have a healthy drink, without compromising on taste too.

There are several ways to homebrew a low-calorie beer. The easiest way to lower calories is to edit your drink any recipe that you enjoy. A common way to edit the recipe is to add more water before placing the wort in the fermenter. Another easy way to remove calories from your homebrew is to add less than malt during the process. Note that the malt, grain and hops, all have calories for them. By reducing any of these ingredients, you're going to take some calories, but at the same time, it takes a little less flavorful beers.

Another thing you can do to almost any recipe is to add Beano. It may sound a little strange but the Beano convert a large amount of carbohydrates of yeast, which is in less calories. It will give your beer taste slightly sharp, something that you like in a light beer.

Adding to his Beano brew, grind and add 3 tablets at the same time you should add the yeast. Like everything in the brewing, must be toilet when you this. Do not touch if not crush tablets. Use clean utensils to transfer the powder to your beer.

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