Apple Cider

By · Monday, June 23rd, 2008

Apple Cider
What are the health benefits of cider apple vinegar tablets?

I've been taking pills apple cider vinegar in pill form, I am told that boost the immune system, get rid of the warts and make your hair grow faster, besides being an appetite suppressant. Is it this all true? I noticed that my hair is soft and my skin looks better since I started taking them.

Some people swear by it. Most people I surveyed said they do nothing, but all were low and did not include carbers honey (not as a sweetener but gluconic acid). I have been making Kombucha tea since January (I do not know about health claims yet, but I have to do something) and is basically acetic acid and gluconic acid, the same brand of vinegar apple cider and honey. One lady said her mother became, literally, in 30 days – losing weight, growing hair, seemed 20 years young. I tried to add to my diet, but I hit the power and Kombucha tea in my diet. I am sure it is not advisable to mix the two. Folk remedy Dr.Jarvis including 2 tsp. apple cider vinegar and 2 tsp raw. raw honey with lunch and dinner. =========================================== ===== I highly suggest that Kombucha tea. It uses real sugar, but yeast and bacteria convert sugar and tea in beneficial fatty (Acetic and gluconic and glucuronic precursors). I've been drinking and brewing since January – it's just sugar sweetened tea that becomes a Scoby "" so that only costs a few cents to make. I started a health benefits (in fact it can not vouch for anyone at this point), but remain outside the soda pop "as the taste and natural carbonation. I am very sensitive to sugar (I get bacterial infections) and caffeine, but I can drink a couple gallons of this a day without problems. (I do sneak sugar-free phase to ensure that if) It's all very strange and frightening, but it is possible you want to go through a health food store and GT Kombucha tea sample (do not try Carpe Diem brand is disgusting). Not cheap at $ 4 a bottle, but you can cheap brew yourself if you like. Web site ============= ================================ below – acetic acid in vinegar. Yes, what is used in salads and vegetables. Touted in folk remedies, vinegar actually does have some benefits. Over the centuries, vinegar has been used to increase appetite, offset fatigue and increase the absorption of minerals. Vinegar increases the absorption of calcium and, in animal studies, vinegar has been shown to augment the formation of glycogen – the same lies, "the compensation of fatigue." Vinegar can help prevent fatigue, improving the body's ability to load the carbohydrates in the muscles (instead of allowing carbohydrates to flow in the pathways stored fat, which contributes to the lack of energy and vitality).

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